Civil-military cooperation during Peace Support Operations: From concepts to practical implementation


  • Asplund Maria
  • Beausang Peder
  • Hartoft Percy
  • Wahlberg Maria

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0727--SE

Pages: 85

Written in: Swedish


Peace support operations usually cover a wide range of different activities and actors. It is crucial that the actors involved cooperate with each other and coordinate their respective activities. The purpose of this study is to describe civil-military cooperation during peace support operations, and to propose recommendations to the Swedish Armed Forces on how to improve the ability to cooperate with civil actors. The measures that are suggested, concern civil-military cooperation on the field, or tactical level, but need mainly to be implemented on the national authority level. The report comprises descriptive, as well as reflective parts. The divergence between civil-military cooperation on the conceptual (policy) level and the field (practical) level, is one among many topics reflected upon. The multiplicity of different organisations, diffuse roles and areas of responsibility, cultural and organisational differences between the civil and military communities are some of the many factors that complicate civil-military cooperation. The report concludes that for both military and humanitarian reasons, it is necessary to restrict military participation in civil projects. It is however, not possible to specify in advance situations where the military could participate in civil activities.