Trials with passive and active sensors at Kvarn trial site


  • Svensson Thomas
  • Larsson Håkan
  • Klasén Lena
  • Henriksson Markus
  • Carlsson Tomas
  • Nedgårds Ingvar
  • Letalick Dietmar
  • Elmquist Magnus
  • Carlsson Göran
  • Cronström Staffan

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0740--SE

Pages: 98

Written in: Swedish


Fast and efficient use of information is a key issue in a net centric defence. In order to develop algorithms, data collection in realistic scenes is required. Such data was collected during trials with passive and active sensors at Kvarn trial site in May 2-3, 2002. Several passive and active sensors were used in order to register a T72 tank that was chosen as target. The measurements will be used in the process of evaluating multisensor systems. The intention is to show enhanced sensor ability by the use of multi/hyperspectral system and laser radar system against occluded or camouflaged targets and background scenery at varying conditions. Furthermore, the purpose was to obtain information from multidimensional sensor system to be used for development and evaluation of algorithms based on signal- and image processing for detection and recognition. The parameters that were varied are the distance (150 m -1905 m), aspect angle, status of the engine of the tank (cold, hot, hot with the engine running) and lighting conditions (day, evening and night time registrations). The weather came to contribute as one parameter that is varies as the weather conditions shifted from sunny with clear sky, to rain and limited visual sight. The sensors that were used are a multispectral IR-camera, a QWIP-camera, an Optech ILRIS-3D laser radar, a vibrometry system and a system for gated viewing. Beside this, instruments for positioning of the sensors and the target, a weather station to register weather data and a scintillometer to measure the turbulence in the atmosphere, were used. The turbulence was modelled from collected weather parameters, which agreed well with the measured turbulence.