Reflections on Operational Analysis in Exercise COJA 03


  • Moberg Henrik

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0874--SE

Pages: 24

Written in: English


Co-operative Jaguar 2003 (COJA 03) was held at Karup Air Station in Denmark from the 24 March to the 4 April 2003. COJA 03 was a NATO/PfP Joint Combined Command Post Exercise (CPX). Sweden had 29 posts in the exercise including one civilian post in the OA-cell. The OA-cell in COJA 03 was organised as a part of the Command Group (CG), and so responsible to the Commander but was responsive and managed by the Chief of Staff (COS). The nature of many of the OA tasks makes it difficult to fit them in an exercise environment. Many tasks are progressive and would in a real mission be going on for a long time, collecting and statistical surveys. In this respect the OA-cell should concentrate more on how to approach a problem, than to give a complete solution. This report focused on the OA-cell in COJA 03. The first chapter gives a brief introduction to the exercise and the scenario. The report will then focus on the work in the OA-cell, and give some examples to problems and solutions. In the conclusions there are some reflections made during the exercise by the author.