Mono- and bistatic measurements using FOI's new bistatic arc


  • Zdansky Erik
  • Gustafsson Nils
  • Rahm Jonas

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1011--SE

Pages: 26

Written in: Swedish


An arc for bistatic radar measurement has been built and tested. The arc serves the following purposes: 1) Measurements of bistatic ground scattering properties for estimating and evaluating mono- and bistatic radar signatures. 2) Bistatic measurements on scale models for outline design, and development, of multistatic radar systems for a network based defence. 3) Measurements of bistatic signatures for development and signature management of ground vehicles and marine vessels. 4) The arc could also be a resource for optical measurements of e.g. BRDF. The radius of the arc is 3.5 m. Results from measurements at 6-16 GHz in HH-polarisation against a metalised tank model in 1:48 (1/4" per 1´) scale are reported. This corresponds to full-scale measurements at 125-333 MHz. The arc will later be used for bistatic measurements on ground samples. The purpose of these initial measurements was to test the measurement system, to develop the method and to identify developments needed. Zero doppler filtering has been tested with excellent results, but identification of background signal sources and their reduction through physical means and background subtraction remains an important task. The theoretical basis of ISAR imaging from elevated positions and bistatic geometry must be studied and possibly new tools developed.