Feasibility study - NBC in the environment : transport, exposure, bioavailability


  • Berglind Rune
  • Waleij Annica
  • Burman Jan
  • Tjärnhage Åsa
  • Sjöström Jan
  • Forsman Mats

Publish date: 2003-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1073--SE

Pages: 72

Written in: Swedish


Dispersion of N-, B- and C-agents can constitute an acute or long-term threath to humans and/or the environment, whatever the underlying purpose behind the release is. Two previous literature studies, performed at FOI NBC Defence, have investigated the environmental effects of chemical and biological weapons. The purpose of this report has been to update above mentioned studies, and include nuclear weapons (N) as well. The study has been performed as a literature study where the indata of the different substances and microorganisms has been gathered from available open literature. The possibilities for performing field studies and combining these with mathematical modelling have also been investigated. The overall goal has been to make suggestions for research in this field in the coming years.