A proposal for an integrated C2 and protection function for preventive and operative crisis management


  • Jungert Erland
  • Derefeldt Gunilla
  • Hallberg Jonas
  • Hallberg Niklas
  • Hunstad Amund
  • Thurén Ronny
  • Albinsson Pär-Anders
  • Holmberg Martin
  • Sidenbladh Hedvig
  • Stenumgaard Peter
  • Worm Arne
  • Ånäs Per

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1183--SE

Pages: 68

Written in: Swedish


This work is the result of a study in which a command and control function for crisis management is proposed. This function will be based on a model that includes methods for data collection, discovery, identification, scrutiny and handling of various types of threats. Such threats should, with support from the command and control system, be connected to other existing threats so that chains of potential threats can be determined. Consequently, by starting from the command and control model it should be possible to describe and develop systems with the above capabilities. Hence, it should be possible to exploit different command and control applications to prevent or at least to delimit consequences of crisis. To make this possible, methods for cooperative work and communication between various agencies and organizations will be required. Important design aspects that must be considered are e.g. IT-security, human systems interaction, and decision support tools of various types.