Requirements engineering for FMA


  • Hallberg Niklas
  • Lindell Per-Ola
  • Pilemalm Sofie
  • Andersson Maria
  • Ericson Leni

Publish date: 2004-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1503--SE

Pages: 23

Written in: Swedish


The Swedish armed forces invest large resources on the development of information systems, new as well as modifications of existing systems. The difficulties with development of the adequate systems, to the adequate costs, and in the right time are well-known phenomena, caused by, among other things, insufficient requirement engineering. The development of architectures puts larger demand on adequate management of requirements since it will be more difficult to modify after introduction than other kinds of information systems. This report constitutes a basis for the development of a support for management of requirements for FMA. The support consists of four parts, which are a requirements engineering process, a model to describe requirements, a computer based support for management of requirements, and a process for identification of new requirements and validation of existing requirements. The requirement engineering process includes the three sub-processes business analysis, needs analysis, and requirements analysis. The model describes requirement attributes, and relations to sources and needs. The computer support should handle stakeholders, sources, needs and requirements. It should also handle prioritizations of needs and requirements as well as visualization of requirements and generation of reports. The process for identification of new and validation of existing architecture requirements is based on scenarios and prototypes, which have been designed in close relation to the business oriented development.