Demonstrator, NBC Command and Control System, final report


  • Häggström Britta
  • Olsson Nils
  • Holmström Helena

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1635--SE

Pages: 210

Written in: Swedish


The purpose of Demo NBC Command- and Control System, phase 1, is to strengthen the NBC protection capability when implementing the main tasks of the Swedish Armed Forces so as to maintain optimal power and flexibility, also in an NBC environment or when NBC weapons are used. A detailed description of the Swedish Armed Forces NBC protection tasks has been produced to identify the requirements on a command and control system. The result is an extensive map of processes, which is organization independent. A number or services, which are to be offered by the system, have also been produced. The needs regarding IT support have been described explicitly, and form a basis for the technical requirements. Research has been conduceted to improve models to predict risks and consequences. With the coming users of the system in focus, some of the identified needs have been converted into services, which have been implemented in a test bed to illustrate and experimentally test their usefulness. This way of working has been judged as a fruitful way forward for the development work, which is suggested to be performed together with the Armed Forces NBC Defense Centre. A concept for a demonstration 2007 has been produced. It consists of a number of sub-scenarios, from which the Armed Forces later can choose. The functional requirements have been defined in terms of services and needs components for each of the sub-scenarios. The selected needs primarily support scenarios for the planning and operation phases, but also needs for winding up and evaluate are included.