Modelling jammed radar operator in EWSim


  • Nordin Morgan
  • Klum Peter
  • Berggrund Ulf

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1720--SE

Pages: 26

Written in: Swedish


In the FOI project duel simulation in electronic warfare there is an undergoing process of developing a model of a radar operator exposed to radar jamming within the simulation environment EWSim. This report describes the current situation of the model as well as an initial test formed to study how a radar operator acts in different situations. The results show that the radar operator is indeed affected by radar jamming. Further one can see that the structure of the scenarios and knowledge of the user interface has importance in the acting of the operator. The information given to the radar operator before the scenario was proven to be important since the operator was acting on basis of the given information and expectations of the scenario. In order to make a model of a radar operator a lot of aspects need to be taken under consideration. The radar model used needs to be developed to contain more functions, more types of jamming must be used, more tests with experienced radar operators must be carried out, one should look at the proper rules a radar operator follows and it is also necessary to study radar operators at work during military exercises. In this report, a work is presented that forms a base of modeling a radar operator in a jammed environment.