Optical signature modelling - final report


  • Nelsson Claes
  • Forssell Göran
  • Hermansson Patrik
  • Nyberg Sten
  • Persson Andreas
  • Persson Rolf
  • Sjökvist Stefan
  • Winzell Thomas

Publish date: 2005-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1812--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: English


The project has focussed on research issues regarding methods and models for a detailed prediction of optical signature of a target in background. Methods and a computational environment have been established for the needs of the armed forces. Different platform concepts can be studied in different environments and weather conditions. Both geometry and surface parameters can be optimized. Simulations can support the development of tactics. For the design and assessment of sensor systems predictions of target signatures are needed. Credible signature descriptions are also needed as input to duel simulations. This document reports on the work that has been performed concerning the generation of input data, methods/programs for simulations and model validations. The primary programs used were RadThermIR and CAMEO-SIM. Two paths of development of validation methods are presented: 1. Methods for analysis and validation spatial image statistics; 2. Methods for quantifying the propagation of input data uncertainties to output parameters in computational predictions. This report shows that relevant and qualified programs are available at FOI for optical signature predictions. The methods to use input data to obtain simulated targets in backgrounds have been clarified. Limitations have been shown and areas where improvements are necessary have been identified.