China in a twenty years' perspective


  • Kiesow Ingolf

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1927--SE

Pages: 82

Written in: Swedish


Questions: Has the globalisation and opening of China by the WTO-accession and the economic reforms had a fundamental impact on the country? Has its attitude to the outside world changed into a will to cooperate and range itself into the international community or has it rather used its own economic resources to gather military strength? Answers: China has accepted to follow international rules in a more sophisticated way but is also using greater resources for military armament. Democracy is not getting a better foothold. Nationalism is rather increasing. The following questions are most relevant to follow-up: For how long will the economic growth continue and can solutions be found to the ensuing social problems? Will the growth and the increasing contact surface with the outside world lead to democracy? Does that have an impact on the Chinese in a less nationalistic direction? Can China satisfy its need for raw materials without getting problems with other countries? Is the build-up of military resources a passing phenomenon or should it be interpreted as a will to make use of them? Can China solve its disputes with USA and Japan? How should Europe react to demands from USA about more cooperation in Asia?