FOI Environmental report 2005


  • Ahlberg Mats
  • Johansson Jan
  • Jubrink Hans
  • Nedgård Ingvar
  • Thorpsten Jerker
  • Thurén Ronny
  • Torstensson Daniel
  • Tryman Rolf

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1931--SE

Pages: 27

Written in: Swedish


During 2005 a relocation of the FOI´s activities in Stockholm to common premises in Kista has taken place. The relocated divisions are Research Support, Defence Analysis, Combat Simulation, Strategy and Market, and Systems Technology. The Armed Forces have undertaken a remediation of the areas that FOI has left in Ursvik. FOI has given support to this remediation. During 2005 FOI has carried through 16 environmental research projects for the defence sector with a total income of SEK 15,5 M. The total income from research carried out for the civil sector was SEK 8,7 M. Of the environmental goals at FOI are 16 listed as connected to important environmental aspects. Ten of these 16 goals have been totally fulfilled or more than half. The use of video meetings has increased from 771 hours 2003 and 862 hours 2004 to 1 917 hours 2005. The total cost for environmental work at FOI during 2005 was SEK 3 945 M. Of this sum SEK 1 928 M was the cost for supporting the Armed Forces in remediation of earlier used areas.