Business Modell Command & Control Center


  • Stenius Joakim

Publish date: 2006-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--1989--SE

Pages: 69

Written in: Swedish


The transformation of the Swedish Armed Forces from a traditional invansion defence to a flexible network based defence will result in different combat components to a greater extent will cooperate within missions. As a consequence, future future command posts must have the command & control capability for ground as well as air and marine forces and the capability of cooperating with resources from the civilian society. The project RIL FM LP specifies those needs and requirements that future command and control centers within the Swedish Armed Forces should fulfill in order to support effective military command and control. A business model can support the development process in the work of identifying needs and requirements. This document describes activities that take place within a command and control center, mainly the command and control methods included in"Integrated Dynamic Command & Control" (IDC2) which is developed within the project Ledsyst M. The model has been developed by a project group consiting of user representatives from the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish National Defence College with support from the Swedish Defence Research Agency