SDR End Report - Semantic Distributed Repository


  • Marianela Garcia Lozano
  • Farshad Moradi
  • Edward Tjörnhammar

Publish date: 2009-01-09

Report number: FOI-R--2608--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: Swedish


  • SDR
  • semantic
  • distributed
  • repository
  • storage
  • robustness
  • scalability
  • DHT
  • Hash Table
  • grids
  • ontology
  • RDF
  • STIL


SDR stands for Semantic Distributed Repository. It is a distributed infrastructure intended to leviate problems in information exchange between di erent organizations. Resources are considered heterogeneous and can range from project speci c les, simulation components, sensordata to service descriptions. The infrastructure is a hybrid between an index service, a lesystem and a middleware for distributed semantic resource lookup. SDR leverages from techniques from the domains of P2P, Grid and Semantic Web. The uses for SDR are bountiful and we have speci ed a few of them in this report (e.g. STIL, Förmågebaserad modellutveckling ). SDR is also the name of a two year project running between 2007 and 2008. It has been conducted within the frame of modelling and simulation. This report describes the project, its activities, infrastructure, components and collaborative results. The report is concluded with a summary and discussion related to the discovered challenges as well as a glimps of the future.