Förenklat navigeringsstöd - en metodstudie


  • Ulf Hörberg
  • Jan Gustafsson
  • Stig Sandberg

Publish date: 2010-12-27

Report number: FOI-R--3078--SE

Pages: 17

Written in: Swedish


  • Navigation
  • Presentation Systems
  • Future Soldier


The purpose of this study has been to develop methods to investigate the usefulness of a simplified navigation support for the soldier. The ambition has been to find a kind of support that does not decrease the direct SA but still gives a satisfactory support for navigation. Six experiment participants have carried out short navigation tasks in urban environment using bearing or bearing plus distance to the destinations as the only navigation support. The information has been presented on a head mounted mini display placed in front of the right eye of the subject. The subjects had no other task than navigation. The result has indicated that even a simplified navigation support showing only bearing to the destination has decreased the feeling of security. Distance information has been most useful when the subjects were close to the destination. Using a GPS as the only bearing sensor has caused uncertainty when the subjects sometimes stopped to make a navigation choice.

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