Analytical techniques - an overview of methods and models for intelligence analysis


  • Tove Gustavi
  • Fredrik Johansson
  • Ronnie Johansson
  • Magnus Jändel
  • Lisa Kaati
  • Christian Mårtenson
  • Daniel Oskarsson

Publish date: 2011-12-20

Report number: FOI-R--3310--SE

Pages: 73

Written in: Swedish


  • analytical methods
  • intelligence analysis
  • hypothesis generation
  • hypothesis testing
  • risk assessment


The main purpose of this report is to gather the knowledge of analytic tools for intelligence analysis that exists at FOI and to make this knowledge available in an easily accessible format. Even though the report does not cover all aspects it will hopefully give the reader an idea of the type of analytic tools that are available. Also, we hope that the report can be of help in the daily work when deciding how and when to use the tools described in this report.