Trustworthy IT Platforms – Connections between needs of the Swedish Defence Forces and the literature


  • Martin Karresand

Publish date: 2014-07-04

Report number: FOI-R--3903--SE

Pages: 50

Written in: Swedish


  • trustworthy
  • IT system
  • needs inventory
  • literature review


This report presents the connections (matches) that have been identified between a literature review and an inventory of the needs of the Swedish Armed Forces regarding trustworthy IT systems, both produced at FOI. The connections have been identified by classification of the needs into seven categories in a two-step process. First the gist of the needs has been extracted and all relevant categories have been connected to each need. In the second step key phrases from the descriptions of the needs have been extracted and categorised into one category per phrase. Then the results from the two steps have been brought together. The report concludes that there are seven connections (out of 52 possible) between the needs and the literature, but that the scope of the literature review is too narrow and needs to be expanded. To investigate the existence of scientific publications outside of the scope of the literature review a limited literature review has been done within this report. The new literature review shows a continuous publication frequency for the first steps of the system development process. If also the new publications are included in the basis of the work the number of connections increase to 19.