Förutsättningar för livsmedelsberedskap på kommunal nivå


  • Lena Molin
  • Malin Östensson

Publish date: 2015-10-08

Report number: FOI-R--4109--SE

Pages: 77

Written in: Swedish


  • food security
  • crisis management
  • local responsibilities
  • food
  • preparedness
  • municipalities
  • National food agency


Nine interviews have been performed with actors from different Swedish municipalities about their view on food security; responsibility within existing legal frameworks and prerequisites that have to be in place in order to work (further) with food security. The level of food preparedness varies over the different municipalities, both in terms of view on responsibility and what measures have actually been taken. Two municipalities have worked systematically with food preparedness, and have developed plans and procedures, signed contracts with different actors from the private sector and developed technical systems to reach vulnerable groups in case of a crises. In order for all municipalities to prioritize food preparedness, they express that they have to be assigned with a specific task to do so. They have asked for support with suitable scenarios identifying vulnerabilities, support in public procurement and knowledge sharing and research in relevant areas. The results of the study will be used by the National Food Agency in their task to coordinate food preparedness activities.

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