FOI EU-project portfolio in civil security and emergency preparedness


  • Eva Mittermaier
  • Karin Hjalmarsson
  • Carina Eldsäter
  • Hans Frennberg

Publish date: 2018-12-10

Report number: FOI-R--4653--SE

Pages: 54

Written in: Swedish


  • Keywords: Horizon 2020
  • Secure Societies
  • crisis management
  • EU
  • project
  • framework programme


FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, has participated in a large number of projects financed by the European Union, approximately 150 projects. Almost 80 of these projects are relevant for the area of secure societies and crisis management. This report contains short descriptions of these projects. The projects are listed according to the structure of the seventh framework programme of the European Union, FP7. The projects are mainly from FP7 but projects financed by Horizon 2020: Secure Societies, are also included, as well as some projects with other financial sources within the EU. The compilation has been done within the project Swedish national platform for cooperation within H2020: Secure Societies. The purpose of this project is to increase the use of the results from EU projects for the actors of the Swedish crisis management system. The project also aims at facilitating the formulation of the needs of the actors into better applications, resulting in more efficient implementation of the results.