Civilbefälhavare - en övergripande historisk belysning


  • Per Larsson

Publish date: 2019-09-03

Report number: FOI-R--4795--SE

Pages: 43

Written in: Swedish

Research areas:

  • Krisberedskap och civilt försvar


  • director of the civilian defence region
  • CB
  • higher regional civil defence area
  • higher regional command and control level
  • joint military-civil defence command post
  • military-civilian cooperation


During the Cold War era, a few numbers (3-6) of Director of the Civilian Defence Region, Civilbefälhavare (CB for short), had the formal responsibility to coordinate and monitor planning and operative efforts of the Swedish Civil Defence, at its higher regional command and control level. This concerned both coordination and monitoring within the Civil defence itself and with the Military Defence. As a part of the development of a new civil defence, the Swedish Defence Commission has proposed that the former organisational command and control structure of the Director of the Civilian Defence Region (CB) should be re-established. The aim of this solely historical oriented report is to describe the role and responsibility of the former Director of the Civilian Defence Region (CB) in the Swedish Total Defence System during the Cold war era (1951-2000). The historical description is thought to serve as a knowledge platform for coming discussions concerning CB as a potential new command and control structure in the new Swedish Civil Defence.