NCS3 – Industrial Control Systems in crises and war


  • Ulrika Eckersand
  • Ann-Sofie Stenerus

Publish date: 2020-06-16

Report number: FOI-R--4935--SE

Pages: 47

Written in: Swedish


  • ICS
  • prioritization
  • resource distribution
  • resource capacity
  • preparedness


The results of this study show that the supply capacity of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is good during normal conditions and minor disturbances, but not built for severe societal crises. The objectives of this study were to survey the regulatory system, and to catch challenges with prioritization and distribution of ICS-related resources. In the previous total defence, companies particularly important in crisis and war (K-företag) were part of the company planning procedures (Företagsplanläggningen) for preparedness in crisis as well as in war. Today businesses are still obliged to take part in the planning of the total defence. In interviews, requests for guidance on prioritization and distribution in crisis and war have been raised. A few examples of models for prioritization are brought up, among them styrel, a model for prioritization in the electric grid. After literature review and the above-mentioned interviews, the study resulted in a few suggestions for solutions to the identified challenges. In this report, there is a suggestion to produce a national or regional model for prioritization. There is also a suggestion that if the former motor repair service is reintroduced; ICSresources ought to be a part of that service.