Briefings Russia and Eurasia

The Russia and Eurasia Studies Programme publishes briefings on current events at regular intervals.



  • RUFS Briefing No 52. June 2021Who´s afraid of Nizhny Tagil? Protest potential in industrial Russia.
    FOI Memo 7551. By Elin Parkman Smirnova.
  • RUFS Briefing No 51. June 2021Why Russia´s National Projects Went Out in the Cold. FOI Memo 7531.
    By Maria Engqvist.
  • RUFS Briefing No 50. Mars 2021 Lawfare: Ukraine´s War against Russia on the Legal Front. FOI Memo 7516. By Jakob Hedenskog, Petra Jud.
  • RUFS Briefing No 49. December 2020 The end of the second Karabakh War: New realities in the South Caucasus. FOI Memo 7405. By Jakob Hedenskog, Aron Lund, Johan Norberg.
  • RUFS Briefing No 48 External link, opens in new window., Oktober 2020 Propaganda by Proxy: Ukrainian oligarchs, TV and Russia's influence. FOI Memo 7312. By Jakob Hedenskog and Mattias Hjelm.
  • RUFS Briefing No 47. Juni 2020 The Belarus-Russia Union State: Troubled Integration in Pandemic Elections. FOI Memo 7168. By Jakob Hedenskog.
  • RUFS Briefing No 43. Oktober 2018. Vostok-2018: about the Russian military´s brain, not its muscles. FOI Memo 6470. By Johan Norberg
  • RUFS Briefing No 42.  Mars 2018. Russia's New Armament Programme - Leaner and Meaner. FOI Memo 6365. By Tomas Malmlöf
  • RUFS Briefing No. 32. December 2015. The Prospects and Limits of the Russia-China Partnership. FOI Memo 5510. By Hiroshi Yamazoe
  • RUFS Briefing No. 31. November 2015. Russia's Strategic Mobility and its Military Deployment in Syria. FOI Memo 5453. By Roger McDermott
  • RUFS Briefing No. 30. October 2015. The Presidential Elections in Belarus in the context of the Ukrainian Crisis. FOI Memo 5422. By Jakob Hedenskog
  • RUFS Briefing No. 29. September 2015. Russian Strategic Deterrence - Beyond the Brinkmanship? FOI Memo 5398. By Gudrun Persson
  • RUFS Briefing No. 28. August 2015 The threat of the Islamic State to Russia's North Caucasus and Central Asia. FOI Memo 5383. By Jakob Hedenskog and Erika Holmquist.
  • RUFS Briefing No. 27. April 2015 - Ukraine's volunteer battalions- advantages and challenges. FOI Memo 5312. By Margarete Klein, SWP
  • RUFS Briefing No. 26. January 2015 - Kazakhstan after Crimea: 'you cannot choose your neighbours'. FOI Memo 5246. By Erika Holmquist
  • RUFS Briefing No.25. December 2014- Putin's Annual Address: "We are strong and we believe in ourselves". FOI Memo 5175. By Gudrun Persson and Carolina Vendil Pallin
  • RUFS Briefing No. 24. September 2014- What is War? Ukraine and the legal definition of war. FOI Memo 5075. By Carina Lamont
  • RUFS Briefing No. 23. May 2014 - West´s Sanctions against Russia: Grand Strategy in the Making? FOI Memo 4933. By Mikael Eriksson
  • RUFS Briefing No. 22. April 2014 - Russia and Ukraine: military-strategic options, and possible risks, for Moscow. FOI Memo 4904. By Johan Norberg and Fredrik Westerlund
  • RUFS Briefing No. 21 Pdf, 66.6 kB, opens in new window.. February 2014 - Ukraine returns to violence: Squaring off at the EuroMaidan? FOI Memo 4847. By Jakob Hedenskog

Last updated: 2023-11-14