Russian machine tool industry - Prospects for a turnaround?


  • Tomas Malmlöf

Publiceringsdatum: 2019-03-01

Rapportnummer: FOI-R--4635--SE

Sidor: 84

Skriven på: Engelska


  • Säkerhetspolitik


  • Russia
  • industrial organisation
  • machine tool industry


After decades of neglect and weak demand for its products, the Russian machine tool industry is in a deep crisis. The great demand for machine tools that nevertheless exists in the Russian industry, not least within the defence industry, is now mostly covered by import, and Russia has become the fourth largest importer of machine tools in the world. This study explores the state within the Russian machine tool industry in light of the global development trends within this industry. The question is whether or not there are any prospects for a turn-around within the Russian machine tool industry. Given the machine tool industry's strategic importance - not least for production of advanced arms systems - the domestic industry's prospects will have repercussions on Russia's ability to meet its geostrategic and foreign policy goals.